Heat Exchangers

  • Heat exchanger system for heating and cooling quench media temperature control.
  • Used in conjunction with a quench press to remove heat from the quenching media during the quenching process.
  • Heat exchanger cores and plumbing custom sized to fit your specific application (such as 300GPM, 600GPM, 900GPM).
  • Water-cooled heat exchangers or air-cooled heat exchangers available.
  • Automatic programmable PLC-controlled heat exchanger system allows precise control of the quenching media base temperature during the quenching process.
  • Heat exchangers can also be combined with our oil filtration system, to create a complete system for maintaining the temperature and cleanliness of the quench media.
  • Available Heat removal capacities starting at 250,000 BTU/Hr. and up…..
  • Designed for stand-alone or built in.