Quench Press Remanufacture

We Are Quench Specialists

537 Quench Press

537 Quench Press

Internationally renowned experts in quenching systems and their applications

Range up to standard 36″

Also New custom Quench Press Builds up to 60″

Our Value Added Process

  • Precision quenching and close tolerance capability and faster controlled process.
  • Flexibility in production and stability of operations by use of PLC recipes and operator can easily pick up where others left off.
  • Pre-programmed quench cycle with pulsing.
  • Gain Quality, efficiency and reliability with PLC control – even allowing temperature/time in furnace to be read by PLC.
  • NO MANUAL ADJUSTMENTS AGAIN of turning valves.
  • Ability to control flow and pressure at variable range in each recipe. Stores 200 recipes which are easily backed up and restored.
  • Additional Capability: remote design, remote control – view process from engineering department to better handle production.

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