DixiTech CNC retrofitting restores machines to OEM performance levels and can even surpass the original capabilities of the machine at a significantly lower cost than buying a new machine.

For outdated CNC machines, updating to a newer control can add capabilities that the standard control was lacking.

For older machines that have mechanical wear, restoration to OEM Spec gives the machine better reliability and new life.

DixiTech CNC retrofitting involves upgrading controls, replacing electronics, wiring, servos, and drives. CNC retrofitting is normally provided for machines that are still mechanically sound but have outdated or defective CNC or a manual machine that needs to be automated.

In both cases the benefits of CNC retrofitting are:

  • Higher feed rate
  • Higher accuracy machining
  • Shop floor programming
  • Decreased set-up times
  • Data Exchange with networked PC’s
  • Ability to store programs to increase flexibility
  • CNC retrofitting can now be utilized to mesh the gap between machine and control.